Sunday 9 August 2009

Wanted: ISA & IAG Technical Consultant / Engineer - South East UK

At e92plus, we are looking for a Celestix Engineer, where the focus will be to carry out web demos, presales, architecture, deployment and some support for the Celestix product range.

The range currently includes the Celestix MSA (Microsoft ISA appliance), Celestix WSA (Microsoft IAG SSL-VPN appliance), Celestix Load Balancer (Linux based load balancer) and Celestix HOTPin (Celestix's own two factor authentication solution). As a number of the deployments from e92plus are Websense Web Filter/Web Security integrated with ISA server, there will be a requirements to understand that as well.

Previously this role was covered by me, which was fine when we had a lower volume of calls, but as the Technical Manager, I have a number of other tasks to cover as well. The idea is to remove the day-to-day Celestix requirement from me and have a dedicated engineer. Obviously I'll be there to as a back up and mentor whoever takes on this role.

For those interested, here is the job description

Feel free to contact me on the blog address, if you are interested in this role, or have any questions.

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