Wednesday 19 August 2009

Celestix WSA evaluation... and RDP queries!

At e92plus we have a number of Celestix evaluation units for proof of concepts, and today I spent the day installing one.

We had a number of applications to install, including OWA, Intranet site and RDP which all were very straight forward.

They run a number of Citrix servers, but we had an issue publishing this. Publishing as a browser embedded application, we had issues as we could not apply a root certificate to the broswer. The end user will create a web based Citrix environment, which I will remotely configure once this has been deployed.

I got a call from a reseller, where there was an issue with an RDP session, where the application would start up the Windows Remote Desktop Client, but would not populate the server name. The fix is to set the Initial Server as the server you want to RDP to.

There was also a query about how use local drives within an RDP session. It's something I've struggled with in the past, but as it wasn't essential I didn't get a chance to get a definitive answer. Something to look into...

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