Monday 27 September 2010

Avira International Partner Summit, Germany - September 2010

I was fortunate enough to be attend the 2nd Avira International Partner Summit, which was held in Germany last week.

There were partners from 35 different countries, so it was great to meet and chat with members of the extended Avira family.

Avira were a great host, not only offering information regarding growth and expansion of the previous year, new developments and structure changes, but also offering a listening ear with the issues and challenges faced by the various distributors and our reseller partners.

There were a number of useful workshops to allow us to voice our challenges in a commercial, marketing and technical environment, but also share ideas and solutions in these areas, and I was amazed at the parity despite the diverse audience.

There are many exciting things that will be announced and released from Avira in due course, and I will keep you up to date when I can!

Two Factor Authentication on GMail

An interesting article about Google protecting Google Apps, which includes GMail, with a one time password sent to your mobile phone:

This technology has been available for a while, but this should create greater awareness of two factor authentication, and in turn make more companies realise this is required for their websites, services, applications and SaaS/Cloud offerings.

Vasco can provide two factor authentication to remote access solutions, such as traditional IPSEC VPNs as well as SSL-VPNs.  Vasco can provide two factor authentication to a whole network, using uniquely generated one time passwords to log into Windows instead of traditional passwords.  More importantly Vasco can be used to protect web services and web applications.  The one time passwords can be generated by hardware tokens, software tokens, tokens for mobile and smartphones, and even sent one time passwords via SMS.

Cloud maybe the next big thing as a delivery method, but what will you be using to secure it?

Is your anti-virus software doing it's job?

AV-Comparatives ( have been reviewing and comparing anti-virus software packages for a number of years. 

The latest reports are available from this section of their site:

The comparisons between these products are independent and are based on the findings, which are reported.

I know people find it a big upheaval to change your anti-virus provider, especially in larger organisations, but the results offer a very compelling argument to switch to Avira!