Friday 7 August 2009

Celestix and Microsoft IAG

What is Microsoft Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG)?

It's an remote application delivery platform or as some would call it.... an SSL-VPN.

It's a way of delivering the applicatons you use internally at work, to an external audience via HTTPS.

The IAG can interogate computers to check what operating system it runs, whether there are specific applications running (such as anti-virus software, software based firewalls, etc), whether the computer is a member of a domain, etc.

By coupling endpoint checks, along with user credentials, granular understanding of applications, reporting and monitoring. We have a secure delivery method, as we can ensure correct users, can access correct applications, with approved computers, and be able to see who, accessed what and when. Sounds pretty comprehensive!!

This product originally was made by Whale Communications and was developed about ten years ago, prior to being bought out my Microsoft. This software platform is avalable on the Celestix WSA appliance. If you are based in the UK and want to evaluate an appliance, contact e92plus on 020-8274 7000

Some useful resources for those new to IAG are available here:

Celestix WSA Quick Start Guide [3.8Mb]
Microsoft IAG User Guide [3.32Mb]
Microsoft IAG Advanced User Guide [2.77Mb]

Microsoft IAG 2007 Service Pack 2 - Notes
Microsoft ActivePerl (which must be installed prior to SP2) [15.8Mb]
Microsoft IAG 2007 Service Pack 2 [36.5Mb]

Microsoft IAG 2007 Service Pack 2 Update 1 - Notes
Microsoft IAG 2007 Service Pack 2 Update 1 [19.8Mb]

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