Thursday 6 August 2009

VASCO Training

Who is the worlds largest two factor token provider?

RSA?? Nope, although that's probably the answer, if you spoke to someone in the UK or US.

Speak to someone in Europe or from the banking industry, then the answer would be.... VASCO!

VASCO provide tokens to commerical banking worldwide and in fact all verticals, but as such have more functioning tokens in the real world than any other token provider.

I spent today in technical training, learning more about VASCO Identikey 3.1. Vasco is one of the vendors that we distribute for at e92plus.

Initial reaction is that it's much better structured than the old VASCO Middleware 3.0 course. I'd highly recommend this course for someone new to two factor authentication, as well as someone who has experience of other solutions.

Advantages over Middleware, include a web interface, reporting, much improved AD integration and a SOAP interface. More to come tomorrow, along with an exam!!

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