Friday 7 August 2009

Java client not working on IAG?

This is a bit of a common issue, but it's not normally noticed as the tests are normally carried out on IE, so it uses the ActiveX components, which aren't an issue.

The fix (found here:

The default rule set blocking the java-client, so make the following changes to the URL list:

InternalSite_Rule28: (/internalsite/applet/(sslvpnclientdetectjavamicrosoftclientoesislocalruntimeelevatoragent_win
_helperagent_mac_helperagent_lin_helper)\.jar) change Parameters value Reject to: Ignore

Duplicate rule 29: Change URL value of new rule to: /internalsite/com/whale/sslvpnclient/whalesslvpnclient/class.class

It worked for my Firefox users, but didn't impact me using ActiveX clients on IE8.

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