Tuesday 11 August 2009

A day in the life of an IAG installation... (Part 2)

Right... day two!

We tried the VMWare View configuration first, but it seems that the Security Server element wasn't deployed, so they cracked on a deployed one!!

We spent a little getting the IP phone working, but it seems that the ports that I Googled didn't let it work!! We ran Wireshark, but nothing showed up that we didn't already allow. The conclusion was to do one of two things; call up the supplier and see if they can shed any light on the port configuration, or utilise the NAT feature on the IP softphone, which would allow the traffic to traverse the firewall and not use the SSL-VPN!

We ran through the customisation element of the IAG appliance. Initally we used the component on the Celestix web UI, which avoids the need for looking at the coding. The next element was the look at how to manually modify the site.

This guide was written by Michael Riva, who attended the same IAG course as me, which helps with the basics:

Also check out the manual (the link of which is below) which was written by someone technical, so you are not treated like an idiot!!

We also installed CAPTCHA on to the appliance, which requires a sub-400Kb file to be installed on the appliance, and some minor changes to the URL sets to make it work. What is CAPTCHA, well more information here: http://www.captcha.net/ Contact Celestix for more information as to how you can get this on your Celestix WSA appliance.

We ended the day talking about administrative tasks, backing up configurations and most importantly... changing all the default passwords!!

Another happy customer! It's great to be involved from the beginning, carrying out the webinar and presales component, understanding the customer's requirements, architecting the solution, scoping out the implementation, then carry out the implementation! :)

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