Friday 7 August 2009

More VASCO qualifications!

Today's training course went very well and I feel confident that it gives enough information to the attendees to get installing and using the product immediately!

The exam covers all aspects learnt in the last two days and is an open book exam which I know some people love and some people hate. I have to say that in the "real world" you'd be able to look at the product, speak to people, refer to manuals, use Google, etc, so I agree with open book exams.

Fortunately, I passed the exam to gain more VASCO qualifications. That now means I'm a VASCO Certified Engineer (VCE) for Middleware 3.0, aXsGUARD 7.0 and now Identikey 3.1. As I passed with over 80%, it also qualifies me to carry out training in this product as well.

e92plus are now an Authorised Training Centre for VASCO Identikey, as well an ATC for Websense and Cyberoam.

We'll start to run the certified training course for VASCO Identikey 3.1 from September 2009, so I may see you soon! :)

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