Tuesday 22 September 2009

Websense Hosted Email Security Training

I had a very interesting day learning more about Websense Hosted Email Security.

People always assume that any hosted (or Software as a Service - SaaS, for the hip and groovy Twitter generation) solution is more expensive, but it's just a common misconception, along with other common myths:

  1. Cost - It will be more expensive than an appliance or software
  2. Control - You will lose control of the solution
  3. Data Leaks - The soution will not be able to protect from data leakage
  4. Security/Privacy - Your email will not be secure
  5. Reliability - The solution will not be reliable

Well these should be addressed:

  1. Cost - Have all costs been taken into account, including additional hardware, subscriptions, bandwidth, storage, electricity and labour!
  2. Control - Websense provides 24x7 control, including policy control, user/group policies, LDAP synchronisation, message search facilities, end user quarantine and flexible reporting.
  3. Data Leaks - Websense includes built in data leak protection, including dictionaires, deep content inspection and custom dictionaires with support for regular expressions.
  4. Security/Privacy - Websense is just another hop in the chain for the email. Websense is ISO27001 certified, and TLS can be used to create a secure channel to the Websense datacentres.
  5. Reliability - Websense provides a 99.999% availability SLA

To summarise the Websense Hosted Email Security:

  • Increased protection, coupled with an SLA
  • Reduce costs
  • Retain control

Why wouldn't you use the hosted solution???!!!

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