Tuesday 8 September 2009

Complicated POC...?

I was expecting a long day today....

I knew that this proof of concept was more demanding, as we were looking to use AD, RSA and KCD authentication, and deploy a number of applications.

The trunk was created and it was configured to use RSA (via ACE server) and Windows 2003 (using KCD), but with this configured the login page would not be delivered.

We agreed to disable the KCD in order to carry on with the POC. The next issue was RSA!! The RSA client is installed on the appliance, but required RSA files to be copied on to the appliance to get it to work. I don't deal with RSA, but fortunately the customer resolved this.

After a little confusion about RPC access, we should be clear. The IAG appliance does not support the use of ISA features!! The ISA is there for the SSL-VPN and the ISA features should not be used for anything else!

We deployed OWA, Citrix, Sharepoint, File Access (using a NetApp filer), Network Access, RDP sessions, telnet, as well as discussed policies and customisation.

Outlook access was being left on the MSA appliance, where ISA would manage the RPC connection.

I expected difficulties with the NetApp filer, but as it can be accessed via NETBIOS, all the shares were visable through the File Access application.

The POC went smoothly and it was fortunate that I was working with someone technical! Some of the issues I'd normally have to work around with HOST files or self signed certificates were avoided as the customer knew what to expect! Thanks Matt!

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