Thursday 24 September 2009

IAG SP2 Update 2... finally!

There were a number of rumours that SP2 Update 2 would include 64 bit client support, but it seems it was just that... a rumour! The current rumour is that 64 bit client support will be available with SP2 Update 3, which is good considering we were always told that IAG would never support 64 bit operating systems. We can make Windows 7 64-bit work by using XP Mode (and detailed in the previous blog posting)

After QA testing from Celestix, IAG SP2 Update 2 is now available from the Celestix website.

The following issues are addressed with this update:

  • Fixed erroneous IAG behavior when headers contain blank characters
  • For trunks which do not publish an AAM application, the IAG Session cookie will be a site cookie instead of a domain cookie
  • Fixed bug for supporting Citrix XenApp5 application
  • Fixed parsing of text/html response Content-type (not binary) body using Chunked encoding type
  • Fixed a failure occurring when using IAG’s Socket Forwarding client component on a Citrix terminal server
  • Fixed a SharePoint Persistent Cookie Name Race Condition
  • Fixed an Authorization Key Header memory Corruption while using an "Authorization Key" header
  • Fixed a failure in the endpoint detection policy of AVG on the client computer (mistyped value in the detection policy expression)
  • Fixed an Incorrect header removal when header is substring of another header
  • Fixed Day Light Saving change leading to a deletion of Internalsite and Portal rules
  • The communication between Windows Mobile 6.1 and Exchange 2007 SP1 has changed slightly due to the updating of the EAS protocol to EAS v12.1 – added support/fix for it
  • Enabling above 2KB http header request by modifying the following registry key (MaxAllHeadersLen), to prevent SNT from throwing the following error to the client: "Allow http header block of a request to exceed 2KB and avoid SNT throwing an error"
  • Fixed non English locales inconsistent encoding/decoding detection
  • Fixed few issues related to FormLogin authentication
  • Modified the rule-set that broke Java SSL Wrapper
  • Added support iPhone and Blackberry support
  • Fixed non-IE detection security issues

IAG SP2 Update 2 - Release_Notes

IAG SP2 Update 2 - Installation File

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