Tuesday 22 September 2009

IAG and Citrix XenApp 5

I had a fun day in Northampton on Monday and it was thanks to Wayne and Daryl for being such great company!

A seemingly straight forward IAG implementation, with straight forward requirements:

The applications required were OWA and Citrix XenApp, with RDP as a nice to have. The authentication methods were Windows AD and VASCO. Basic customisation and guidelines about housekeeping and DR.

We were replacing a SonicWALL SSL-VPN solution, which works in a single NIC configuration, so a number of services were needed from the appliance back into the LAN. We started by reviewing the firewall rules, removing the existing SonicWALL SSL-VPN rules, and creating a port 80 and 443 access on the WAN side of the Celestix appliance, as well double checking existing NAT rules to ensure that the external side was accessible through the internet.

The authenication methods were straight forward, but an oversight on the VASCO delayed the deployment, but after creating the backend to point at the IAG appliance, it was up and running!

OWA worked fine, but oddly RDP didn't work back to the blade servers, but did the Celestix appliance. Obviously a configuration on the blade servers need to be modified, but not really my field of expertise. Apparently this blade server setup can be configured with a web interface, so that could be published as a generic web app, when it's up and running.

The existing SSL certificate on the SonicWALL was moved to the Celestix appliance, after creating the CSR file from within IIS and getting the supplier to reissue the certificate. It was getting late, but the certificate wasn't working. We were unable to access the website, but we could with the self signed certificate. My gut feel was an issue with either the CSR file, or the creation of the CER file. We reverted back to the self signed certificate, but the customer was going to recreate the CSR file and get another reissue..... I found out today that this solved the issue!! (Phew!)

The reason for this blog entry was really due to the issue we encountered with the Citrix XenApp! Having deployed a number of Celestix appliances to work with Citrix Presentation Servers, I was quite confident that there really wouldn't be much difference with XenApp..... (How wrong I was!!)

I published the XenApp server and all seemed to work, but when you start up the application, we recieved the following message: Error: Cookies Required

My gut feel was that as XenApp worked before the issue lay with the configuration within IAG. After a bit of searching, we found this Citrix article: http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX117597

This article didn't really hit the nail on the head, but after a little experimentation, we found that this solved the issue, as detailed by the customer. As this software will not allow me to post Javascript code correctly, please find the details in the text file: XenApp5.txt

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