Saturday 19 September 2009

Does IAG work with Windows 7 (32 bit)?

Well IAG did work when I was using Windows 7 RC (32 bit) on my netbook, but it no longer works on Windows 7 RTM (32 bit)!! :( I couldn't even get the login page to show!!

A bit of Googling found these instructions:
  1. Copy the folder located here from your Celestix WSA appliance: C:\Whale-Com\e-Gap\utils\OfflineClientSetup to a temporary location on your computer
  2. Find "Setup.exe" and set the compartibility mode to "Windows Vista SP2"
  3. Find "ComponentsConfig.xml", and edit the Network Connector entry so install="1"
  4. Run the setup.exe (as administrator)
  5. Select either normal or custom, depending on what is required
  6. Ignore the error "Can not register Whale Client Components whlvaw.dll" and finish the program
  7. Start up the Command Prompt as Administrator, then start up Powershell within the command shell
  8. Switch to the path "C:\Program Files\Whale Communications\Client Components\3.1.0″
  9. Execute the command: "regsvr32 whlvaw.dll" (Attention: Ignore the Warning about the Driver installation and select YES)
  10. The Network Connector should work as long as you start Internet Explorer as Administrator, because the file "whlioc.exe" & "whliocsv.exe" require local administrator rights.

The original post is here: - Thanks Joerg! :)

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