Thursday 10 September 2009

Another trip to Birmingham!

Another trip to Birmingham, another Celestix WSA/Microsoft IAG proof of concept!

Pretty straightforward today, where we used Windows 2003 and a RADIUS based authenication solution called SecureIT.

Applications we deployed were OWA, a couple of intranet sites, RDP session and Network Connector.

The appliance was deployed in a workgroup, so we needed to use FQDN for the internal servers.

SecureIT requires the IAG server to be defined within the software, which includes IP address and which ports to use.

There was an issue with the Network Connector, which seem to lie with the authenication methods defined and changed. We needed to define both AD and SecureIT as the authentication methods, and then re-define the Network Connector.

There was an issue with the external IP address, but fortunately we could prove it works with a crossover cable and a laptop defined with an IP address on the external range.

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