Wednesday 8 August 2018

Blogging overhaul

I bought this domain over 18 years ago on a whim.  Since then little has been done with it, except host this blog, and use the web page to redirect here.

After all the changes to Chrome and the recommendation for HTTPS sites, that needed fixing for both my website and this blog.  It would be strange to got to a secure blog that was hosted on HTTP!

After digging out old passwords, I've transferred my host name from China (I have no idea how it ended up there) and brought it LCN.  I've opted to create a simple website to mimic the sort of information I have on LinkedIn, and enabled HTTPS on Blogger.

I realise I've left this blog alone for around a year, around the same time I took on a new role at work.  As I've got into the swing of things, I'll get this blog back on track with a focus on cyber security.

I may back fill the last year's worth of blogs about major breaches and incidents, but we'll see as the focus will be new articles and comments going forward.  As a sign of things to come, and giving it a name and logo makes it "a thing", I've created a simple logo to use with this blog.

Enjoy the new content going forward!

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