Wednesday 10 May 2017

Wargames on a Warship - Arbor Networks/Nuvias

Today I attended an event on the HMS Belfast hosted by Nuvias, with Arbor Networks running a technical session.  The location itself is cool and I've been a few times for other security vendor events, but this was something a little different.

Arbor Networks are a leader in DDoS mitigation solutions, and our distributor partner is Nuvias who carry a number of networking and security solutions.

Today, we got to see the DDoS solution up and running, but not just a product demonstration.  We got to attack websites with commonly available toolsets and defend using the Arbor APS solution.

It was an informal event, where the name badges only had your first name, and no organisations or job titles were displayed.  It allowed us all to chat and share without an agenda.  I met some great technical people today, and we got to play with some cool toys.  After a few hours, we got into the swing of being in a team, depending our website and attacking another teams website.

My conclusions from the day were the vendor and distributor know their stuff, the solution was easy to get your head around, technical people in the channel are friendly, and for some reason I was better at attacking websites than defending them.  Maybe I ahve hte wrong coloured hat!!

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