Friday 26 May 2017

Exclusive Networks Takes GDPR Message on The Road [Link: CommsBusiness]

I was asked by our Distributor, Exclusive Networks and Vendor, Gemalto for a quote regarding a bus they were using to promote GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).  This was published on the CommsBusiness website:


Exclusive Networks and digital security company Gemalto are taking the GDPR message on the road. A refitted double-decker bus began its UK tour in York on 23rd May, finishing at Infosec in London on 6th June. The bus will be making stops at key regional centres where channel partners and customers can meet security experts from Exclusive Networks and Gemalto and hear how a six-step process can aid GDPR readiness and compliance.

According to Exclusive Networks’ vendor alliances director, Stuart Nairne-Clark “many partners are still confused and lack clear understanding on the whole GDPR topic and what it means for them and their customers. Because there is no silver bullet – it’s as much about people and process as it is technology – by coming aboard they’ll get first-hand guidance on what’s needed to become compliant. They will hear directly from Data Protection Officers, understand the essential legal requirement and see how the latest multi-factor authentication, encryption and key management tools aid GDPR compliance. Already large and small organisations from right across the commercial, public and charity sectors are booked on and given it’s such a comprehensive regulation we encourage all partners and their customers to sign-up. It’s the ideal setting to engage with compliance, data protection and encryption experts.”

Andrew Tang, service director – security, at reseller MTI noted that “being a GDPR Practitioner I appreciate there is no precedent for what is coming. Understanding both the regulation and its context is essential if partners are to work with their customers to build an effective GDPR strategy and plan. My customer meetings are now all GDPR related so having the bus clinic pass by the door of many customers, especially the 50% or so who are just beginning to get to grips with the subject, is invaluable. It is doubly invaluable when you consider the only technology set mentioned within the regulation is encryption, and that is something Gemalto does best.”

The Exclusive Networks and Gemalto GDPR Bus clinic will be stopping in York, Leeds (25/5), Chesterfield (26/5), Birmingham (30/5), Milton Keynes (31/5), Oxford (1/6), Reading (2/6), Alton (5/6) and London (6-8/6). Seats aboard the bus are pre-booked and partners can sign-up here. In addition, a survey is being conducted to gauge how far those affected by the regulation have progressed along the road to compliance.

Jason Hart, identity and protection CTO at Gemalto added: “With a year or so left until the regulation is enforced it is essential partners and customers cut through all the noise and understand what they need to do on their road to compliance. Plenty of reports show a general state of un-readiness and lack of understanding. By taking the issue on the road we can reach more partners and customers and get to explain how Gemalto’s data protection, encryption and identity authentication technologies are essential in securing compliance and avoiding crippling penalties.”

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