Wednesday 14 September 2016

CyberArk Expands Global Channel Partner Program [Link: CyberArk Press Release]

CyberArk Expands Global Channel Partner Program

CyberArk Expands Access to New Training and Technical Sales Tools Enhance Partners’ Privileged Account Security Expertise and Help Drive New Business Opportunities Global Channel Partner Program

Newton, Mass. and Petach Tikva, Israel – September 14, 2016 – CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR), the company that protects organizations from cyber attacks that have made their way inside the network perimeter, today announced new CyberArk Global Channel Partner Program offerings to enhance its partners’ privileged account security expertise and ability to drive new business opportunities. Partners can now benefit from access to expanded training and technical certification programs as well as enhancements to the CyberArk Discovery and Audit (DNA) tool that helps quantify security risk within enterprise networks.

CyberArk University: New Technical Certification, Growing Course Catalog
CyberArk is committed to helping its partners develop their own CyberArk practices, comprised of internal CyberArk-trained professionals to address customers’ cyber security skills gaps and maximize the effectiveness of CyberArk solutions. CyberArk is expanding its Global Certification Program for sales and technical learning, recently adding a new CyberArk Certified Delivery Engineer (CCDE) option. Achieving CCDE certification requires passing a rigorous course that involves an in-depth technical introduction to the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution as well as a shadowing and technical challenge component.

“Access to the evolving CyberArk University curriculum enables our team to expand the application of business-critical privileged account security knowledge and experience,” said Kyle Kappel, advisory principal, KPMG Cyber Services. “As a result, we’re helping CIOs and their teams build competence and confidence in their risk management strategies, while improving the skills needed to positively impact business growth and innovation goals. We’re excited about the expanding program and look forward to more KPMG professionals becoming CCDE certified.”

CyberArk regularly adds courses that closely mirror its product line, such as the addition of the CyberArk Viewfinity class, as well as new advanced level classes that complement its popular fundamentals courses. CyberArk University offers certified training through several flexible options including a new self-paced online option via the CyberArk Partner Portal, in addition to virtual classroom or face-to-face classroom training. More than 2,000 individuals across CyberArk’s global partner network have taken advantage of training courses through CyberArk University.

“The IT security talent shortage is something we hear about every day, with customers needing help ranging from implementation to driving value from existing software,” said Charles Drum, director of security technology, Integral Partners LLC. “With new certifications and expanded training options available through CyberArk University, we are creating internal CyberArk experts who can augment customers’ existing teams and help close skill gaps to evolve privileged account security strategies as part of customers’ proactive security programs.”

CyberArk DNA: Data-Driven Insight to Increase Deal Impact
CyberArk DNA is a valuable tool for quantifying privileged account security-related risks, and gaining visibility into the vulnerable attack surface that exists within enterprise environments. In 2015, CyberArk DNA was used to scan seven million machines.

“It’s widely accepted now that most – if not all – major data breaches in recent times have involved the compromise of privileged accounts as an essential part of how attackers got to what they wanted, or where they wanted to be,” said Andrew Tang, service director, security at MTI. “Organizations often have little to no idea of how many privileged accounts exist in their network and thus the extent of their vulnerability. MTI uses CyberArk DNA as a precursor to consulting projects, mapping networks to identify all privileged accounts and vulnerable machines. CyberArk DNA allows MTI to show prospective customers the weak points in their security posture and helps accelerate their security purchasing decisions.”

Partners using CyberArk DNA can generate comprehensive reports for customers and prospects identifying privileged accounts on the network as well as privileged passwords – including hard-coded passwords in applications and scripts – and their status in terms of policy compliance. New CyberArk DNA reporting features help customers better visualize and understand the extent of their security vulnerabilities, with recommendations on how to prioritize risk mitigation using the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution. CyberArk recently received another patent for innovative security risk detection technology that has been implemented in the CyberArk DNA tool.

CyberArk Partner Program Momentum
CyberArk works with more than 250 channel partners around the world and is increasing collaboration with advisory firms, systems integrators and value added resellers worldwide and across key vertical markets such as healthcare and government. CyberArk’s success in the channel has contributed to increased sales momentum with indirect sales representing approximately 60 percent of CyberArk business in 2015. CyberArk has more than doubled its channel management team in the past 12 months.

“With cyber attacks increasing in prevalence and sophistication every day, organizations need the right know-how, products and processes in place to effectively minimize risk and better protect their businesses,” said Andy Welsh, vice president of partner management, Optiv. “Optiv has built a strategic relationship with CyberArk to help us deliver end-to-end cyber security solutions and services that help organizations solve their unique cyber security problems. We look forward to leveraging CyberArk’s new global technology partner program to continue meeting the evolving needs of our clients.”

CyberArk recently launched the C3 Alliance, its new global technology partner program. Providing the channel with greater access to integrated technology solutions is another strategic differentiator. The C3 Alliance delivers certified technology integrations between CyberArk and alliance member products that make it easier for channel partners and customers to extend the power of privileged account security across their organization and enhance their overall security posture.

“CyberArk views the channel as an important growth engine and is committed to driving differentiation for our partners. Our focus on the channel has spurred new business opportunities over the past year across virtually all vertical industries and company sizes. We continue to have valuable, productive conversations with our partners who are helping to educate C-level executives about prioritizing privileged account security programs,” said Udi Mokady, chairman and CEO, CyberArk. “We value the important business relationships we are building with influential partners and view CyberArk-led programs, like the C3 Alliance, as well as CyberArk DNA and expanding training and certification offerings as strategic for helping partners uncover new revenue drivers.”

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