Wednesday 14 September 2016

Are our data centres insecure? [Link - SC Magazine]

I was asked to contribute to an article on whether datacentres are secure following from the disclosure of the Fortinet and Juniper firewall vulnerabilities:


Likewise, Andrew Tang, service security director for MTI Technology said: “Data centres are only as secure as you configure them to be. You can have a top of the range burglar alarm and locking system on your front door, but if you don't use them, or use them incorrectly, they aren't going to be very secure. Most data centres will have two firewalls: the front firewall which will come from one manufacturer, and a second firewall from a different manufacturer, with the ‘crown jewels' inside. If you're using two different firewall manufacturers, it's rather unlikely that someone will find the first firewall and then go on to find the second firewall – though that can't be ruled out completely. But again, while bad programming causes some issues, bad configuration causes more issues in data centres than the actual manufacturer of the firewall.”

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