Thursday 7 January 2016

The dark web & business report: A seedy Dickensian underworld online [Link - IDG Connect]

I was asked to comment how the dark web could impact on businesses, and was fortunate enough to have them published in an IDG Connect artcle.


It is obviously imperative that businesses can secure themselves against any threat. And as the latest wave of breaches have proved, whilst most organisations spend money on traditional perimeter security, many fail to properly protect their biggest asset, their data.

“Personal Identifiable Information (PII) should be encrypted,” says Andrew Tang, Service Director, of Security at MTI Technology. This would make any information unreadable to the perpetrator.

“Many of the recent attacks, which have allowed thousands of records to be stolen have been achieved by using SQL Injection attacks,” he adds. “If information needs to be accessible to the internet, ensure OWASP standards are followed, the website is tested by a penetration testing organisation and critical data is encrypted.”

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