Wednesday 23 December 2015

Cyber security in 2016: Cyber extortion, data breaches and legal reform [Link - v3]

My comments around Cyber extortion were used in an interesting article for v3.


Cyber extortion

The rapid expansion of online tools available for purchase on the dark web, including ransomware and denial of service (DoS) programs, will increase the threat of extortion.

"Ransomware and DoS attacks will increase in frequency in the next year. There have been a growing number of blackmail attempts, threatening a company's resources with distributed DoS attacks if they do not paid a sum of money," warned Andrew Tang, service director at MTI Technology.

"They do not demand high levels of technical ability and the rewards can be great. Many companies cannot afford lengthy downtime on their servers and will pay the sum demanded, even without any guarantee that the attackers will not return."

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