Wednesday 14 August 2013

UAG File Access Script Errors Post SP3...

Today, I was looking at UAG SP3 installation, where we were configuring OWA, CRM and SharePoint.

We encountered an issue with File Access, it was working prior to SP3, but since SP3, when you try to access the console, we were getting the following script error:

A bit of Googling, brought up this blog article that I know solved the issue with other UAG users: but it didn't resolve my issue.

I ended up doing the following to get it to work:
  • In the UAG Management Console, remove File Access from the UAG application list
  • Activated the UAG configuration without File Access
  • Rebooted the server
  • Installed UAG SP3 Rollup 1 (following this previous blog article:
  • Activate the UAG configuration
  • Reboot the server
  • In the UAG Management Console, on the toolbar click on "Admin", then "File Access..."
  • When prompted if you want to enable NETBIOS, agree to this
  • Log into the File Access console using your NETBIOS domain administrator credentials
  • I can now browse the File Access structure without the script error

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