Friday 26 July 2013

UAG SP3 install fails and rollsback...

On site again this week, with another UAG installation, but this one offered something different as we were creating a gateway for mobile devices.

We encountered some issues installing service packs on the Celestix WSA UAG appliance.

As my previous post shows how to install SP2 and SP3, I had a failed install of SP2 this week.  The issue was not permissions, but failed after 10 minutes, after which the service pack would roll back.  A bit of a search brought up this Microsoft article:

I followed Method 1, which meant opening Notepad as an Administrator, then editing the following file:

I added the following text, just before the </configuration> tag near the end of the file:
<machineSettings maxTimeout="01:00:00" />
This effectively increases the timeout from 10 minutes to 1 hour, which resolved the issue for us.

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