Thursday 1 July 2010

Are all UTM appliances the same? - Cyberoam

I'm a little bias, but I think the Cyberoam CR series UTM (Unified Threat Management) offering is head and shoulders above other UTM appliances on the market.

Some people will consider all UTMs the same, rather than looking at the components that make up the whole, or they consider it a point solution where only one or two features are used, rather than making the most of the whole solution.

Why do I consider the Cyberoam CR series a better solution, well here are some of my findings:
  • Identity based UTM, to allow rules to be applied to users, rather than IPs
  • A stateful firewall, that supports high availability and IP v6
  • Gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware solution provided by Kaspersky
  • Real time anti-spam solution provided by Commtouch
  • IPSEC VPN that supports PPTP and L2TP, as well as a VPN client provided by GreenBow
  • SSL-VPN functionality on the appliance
  • Web content and application filtering, including IM filtering
  • IPS, including the ability to create your own signatures
  • Multi-link/Multiple WAN links supported on all the appliances, including USB 3G dongle support
The Cyberoam CR series solution is very cost effective and can go head-to-head with all the major UTM appliances, and in my opinion out shine them as well!

To help compliment this solution, there is also the Cyberoam Centralised Console (CCC), which can manage multiple Cyberoam UTM appliances, as well as software based solution to offer Data Protection & Encryption, Device Management, Application Control and Asset Management.

Don't just take my word for it, organise an evaluation of one from e92plus

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