Saturday 9 January 2010

Websense V10000 - Web Security Appliance

Most people are aware that Websense are a market leader in the web filtering market, but tradionally has only been a software only option.

The software can either filter via a network sniffer (via a mirror or span port on a switch) or integrated with another solution such as a Cisco firewall or Microsoft ISA server.

The software has some limitations or lacked features that were being demanded from an enterprise perspective. These were addressed with Websense Security Gateway, which gave the following features:
  • Web proxy server
  • Integrated anti-virus solution
  • Real time content classification
  • Real time security scanning

This brought other considerations, due to the nature of this software, it would only be supported on a Linux platform. At the time I spoke with a number of customers who were put off by this, as they only had Windows administrators, and did not have the capacity to support a Linux server.

Websense took this onboard, and developed the V10000 appliance, which is a Websense branded appliance, which runs a Linux operating system and runs the Websense Security Gateway software within a virtualised environment. The specification of the hardware, will allow the appliance to run the Email Security and Data Security features in the future as well.

In short, Websense have produced an enterprise class proxy server, with enterprise web security in an appliance form factor.

At e92plus, we are technically proficient with the Websense range, where we not only carry out web demonstrations, deal with presales questions, deliver proof of concept deployments, architect and deploy full solutions, we also deliver both bespoke and certified Websense training.

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