Wednesday 20 July 2016

Gemalto hunts for partners for its encryption solutions as GDPR approaches [Link - CRN Magazine]

I was asked to give my opinion on our working relationship with Gemalto and GDPR by CRN and may comments were published: 


MTI has been a partner with Gemalto for around eight years, and its services director Andrew Tang said that he has noticed the increased demand for the encryption products Gemalto provides in the run-up to GDPR.

"We have had a couple of organisations in the finance industry that have started asking us about how we can help them with their GDPR strategy. There are organisations out there that are on the ball, but more companies were in limbo because of the referendum," he said.

"People forget that when you look at all the different options, whether it's the Norway, Switzerland, Canada or Turkey models, they all have to adhere to EU regulation, which means GDPR in some fashion or another. It is still about education and evangelisation at the minute."

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