Wednesday 3 December 2014

FutureLearn: Introduction to Cyber Security (Week 1-8)

After being incredibly proud of myself for completing the online learning around programming, I thought I'd look at other courses as well.

I found one run by the Open University giving an "Introduction to Cyber Security".  As some of you know I work in this field, so what's the point of doing this course?

Most importantly to some, it's a free course!  But also I wanted to ensure my knowledge was relevant and current, which reassuringly it was.  I also wanted to see the material and see if it would be of use for others.  Again, I found the course well structured and the segments within each weeks learning broken down into bite size chunks.

I know a few people in the IT security industry who are assumed to have the basic knowledge.  This course can ensure they do have that knowledge.  Whether you're completely new to IT security, or want a refresher, it's certainly useful.

The course recommends setting aside 3 hours per week, for the duration of the eight week course.  I managed to complete the course within a couple of evenings, but I have over 8 years working with IT security and a number of IT certifications which regularly teaches and tests this knowledge.

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