Saturday 21 May 2011

Introduction to DroboApps

There is a strong community of developers, creating applications for the Drobo devices.  The applications are called DroboApps, and the download files can be found here:

Being new to DroboApps, I went against my technical gut instinct, and read the manual!  There is a very useful document highlighting how to install DroboApps, along with some installation examples:

Having enable the DroboApps functionality on the appliance, I had a look through to see what I need to download, along with what I wanted to download.

Going through the DroboApps, I downloaded the following:
  • DroboApps Admin Utility
  • Apache (required for the admin utility)
  • Firefly (iTunes library)
  • Fuppes (Media server with DLNA support)
  • Lighttpd (HTTP server)
  • Pure-ftpd (FTP server)
As mentioned previously, the reason Drobo caught my attention previously, was the fact I could have more just two hard drives in an appliance, and that it could be my iTunes library.

DroboApps Admin Utility, Apache and Firefly will be installed soon.  I will document and review the features then.

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