Friday 12 March 2010

Testing IAG SP2 Update 3 - Part 3

Having been distracted from IAG with the impending launch of UAG on the Celestix platform, and Websense launching their Triton platform, I finally found time today to do some more testing.

Uri from Eurodata dropped me an email checking if my AD repository was the same as my domain (which it isn't!), as this would save having to edit inc files after an upgrade.  Step 9 of the following article:

Today I reset my demo appliance and tried the following:
  • Configure the networking components of my Celestix WSA applaince
  • Install Java, Active Perl, SP2 and SP2 Update 2
  • Create an ActiveSync trunk
  • Import my Exchange certificate
  • Use an AD repository that is named the same my domain
  • Modify the ASP file mentioned above
  • Test - Success!
  • Install SP2 Update 3
  • Test - Success!
  • Recreate my portal trunk for my applications
  • Test - Success!
Now IAG SP2 Update 3 is working successfully in a new installation (albeit via SP2 Update 2, rather than straight to SP2 Update 3), I will try an in-place upgrade on my known working appliance.

Thanks for the email Uri, as it motivated me to look at this issue again!! :)

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