Tuesday 23 February 2010

Testing IAG SP2 Update 3 - Part 1

I managed to get my hands on SP2 Update 3 for IAG v3.7 a week or so ago.

So far I've only managed to deploy this to my live environment, but with some good and bad results!

My current IAG platform is a Celestix WSA 4000, and it has been Service Packed and updated pretty much as and when these updates have been available.

As I'm a little wary of these things, I use the Celestix Last Good Version (LGV) feature, which allows me to take a snapshot of my appliance and save this to a Linux partition on the appliance. It takes around 15 minutes to make this snapshot, and around 10 minutes to rollback... if required!

My appliance hosts a portal with various applications such as OWA, Intranet, RDP, etc, as well as an ActiveSync tunnel for our mobile devices.

After the update was applied, the portal worked perfectly with both Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit machines, but it broke my ActiveSync tunnel!

One of my authentication methods is Active Directory and it is used for both the Portal and ActiveSync tunnel. The authentication using AD was perfect on the Portal, but it failed for the ActiveSync tunnel. All the mobile devices said the wrong password was being presented.

No changes were made to the mobile devices and this impacted both Nokia E71 and Apple iPhones. Changing the password on the device made no difference, but we knew that the AD authenication should be working correctly as the portal works.

Rolling the appliance back to SP2 Update 2 using the LGV feature, allowed all the mobile device to authenicate again, even though someof these devices did not have their password changed.

Since then, I've managed to get hold of another appliance to test with, so Part 2 will continue tomorrow.....

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