Saturday 3 October 2009

Barracuda EMEA Partner Conference & Barracuda Backup Service

I returned from Prague inspired with the Barracuda philosophy, as well as getting a better insight into the existing product range, and new products and features.

It was great to meet the senior management team of Barracuda, and meet people so driven and inspired by them.

It was also a good opportunity to meet existing e92plus resellers and our Dutch work colleagues from e92plus NL, as well as meet other resellers from around EMEA. It was good to meet Keith, who recognised me from this blog!

The product the caused the most buzz at the conference was the new Barracuda Backup Service.

Using a Barracuda appliance and software agents, you will be able to back up the servers within your organisation. This will obviously give a great alternative to existing tape back ups, but easy restoration and aaccessibility to your data as the appliance is onsite.

Obviously, you will say, what if something were to happen to the building, datacentre, appliance, etc, well the other component of the service is an offsite back solution. Previously this service was only available in the States, but due to some data laws within Europe, the data should not be store outsite of certain countries or Europe. The new datacentres for this European wide launch of this solution will be based in the UK, with new datacentres opening around Europe as and when.

This will allow data to be backed up onsite and allow quick restoration. In a DR situation, the data can be restore from the datacentres. You are able to select which data is sent offsite, so you are able to stop certain data from leaving your organisation.

More detailed information on the Barracuda website regarding the Barracuda Backup Service

The product is officially being launched on the 14th October at Storage Expo 2009 , and e92plus are holding sales training on 23rd October

How much is the service, well aside from the appliance and subscription cost, the offsite data storage is purchased in 100GB chunks, at only....... €69 per month per 100GB!!!

Work out the cost of your existing tape solution, and the savings will become obvious.

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