Friday, 31 August 2018

Oh-Air Canada

Air Canada are in the midst of dealing with a data breach with sensitive data that could lead to identify fraud.

The data that has been lost includes the usual, name, address, email address and telephone numbers. In addition, passport information, country of residence, nationality and dates of birth have been lost.

Although the investigation is on going about how this has happened, it has been highlighted that there is a poor password policy on the Air Canada site, only allowing passwords of 6 to 10 characters, with only letters and numbers allowed.  It makes it all too easy to use use simple passwords on the site, and complex passwords would not be accepted.

Not great news as government issued documents like passports and driving licences are used as a form of ID typically in the safe keeping of the owner.  So use advice, keep tabs on financial activities on your accounts, and consider regularly checking your credit score for anomalies.

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